Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Progress in Electronics


USPS on 10  July 1973 issued four stamps depicting the Progress in Electronics. The first day cover cancellation postmark originated from New York, NY. The Bureau of Engraving and printed 53,005,000 stamps. These lithographed, engraved stamps were multicoloured and had 11 perforations.

The series documented the evolution of technology in in Electronics stamps.  They featured  several inventions that were crucial to the electronics we have today.  Included was Guglielmo Marconi's spark coil and spark gap, which enabled him to transmit across the Atlantic Ocean by wireless radio.

Also honoured in these commemorative stamps was Lee de Forest's spark-coil transmitter. His company, American De Forest Wireless Telegraph set up a spark transmitter on Wall Street and established stations in China that enabled journalists to report on the Russo-Japanese War. The company also built high-powered radiotelegraph stations in Florida, Panama, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

Additionally, solid state circuitry was depicted in another stamp.

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