Tuesday, November 30, 2021

FEBA - IBRA (via Kishinev-Grigoriopol)

FEBA - IBRA transmitting via Pridnestrovsky Radiotelecentr (PRTC) in Kishinev-Grigoriopol, (Transnistria) Moldova, was logged on 30 November 2021. Pashto language broadcast was monitored from 15.15 till 15.45 UTC. Reception on  7.590 kHz rated a SINPO: of 45444 -- good signal strength, slight atmospheric noise and slight fading

Reception report was emailed on 1 December 2021, then a few hours later an eQSL was received from Pridnestrovsky Radiotelecentr.

Email: prtc@idknet.com

RX: Alinco DX-R8T EXT ANT: Passive Loop QTH: Malaysia

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