Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Voice of Nigeria

Voice of Nigeria was received on 10 September 2019. News, a song by Marc Anthony "You Sang To Me" introduced a discussion on social issues related to Nigerian women. This was observed from 17.00 till 17.30 UTC. Reception of 11.770 kHz was SINPO 25422 -- occasionally clear and audible content when not fading under atmospheric noise. By 17.45 signal was barely audible. HERE is VON.

Reception report was emailed to several addresses and posted to the Voice of Nigeria. It garnered this email from Mr. Jerimoth Canice who promised a soft copy QSL back in December 2019. Neither this nor a paper QSL arrived. Subsequent emails and a new reception report also has not elicited a response from neither him nor Voice of Nigeria. So, I pieced together his email with VON logo and antenna facility.

RX: Sangean ATS-909 ANT: 50 ft Dipole QTH: Malaysia

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