Sunday, August 18, 2019

SM Radio Dessau* (via Moosbrunn)

SM Radio Dessau,* transmitting from Moosbrunn (Austria), was logged on 18 August 2019. This German language broadcast featured a special programme on the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus architecture and the 90th anniversary of the Dessau electric train works, along with music pertaining to each topic. Transmission was  monitored from 11.10 till 12.00 UTC (broadcast time 11.00 till 12.00 UTC). Reception on 6.070 kHz radiated only a carrier signal in Malaysia. Consequently, reception was observed from the  SDR receiver at Twente University in the Netherlands where the signal rated a SINPO of 55555.

Reception report was emailed immediately after the broadcast finished. The above eQSL was received a few hours later from host Max Berger.

RX: SDR receiver ANT: mini whip QTH: Central West Malaysia

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