Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Logbook 21-28 June 2017

All India Radio Patna
Suspect Australian Broadcasting Corporation (6RN  ABC Radio National), Perth mixing with China station, 810 kHz (MW) after 19.05 UTC. This station seems to be best received around or slightly before 19.00 UTC, but reception is quite poor with a SINPO of 23421.

All India Radio Patna in Bihar, monitored from 16.50 till 17.42 UTC with Hindi film music, news/sports/financial reports in English and Hindi. Reception on 621 kHz (MW) rated a SINPO of 34423 -- fair signal strength, with intermittent fading every few minutes, yet audible and clear. 

All India Radio Kolkata was observed from 18.25 till 18.55 UTC. Classical Indian music followed by commentary was received on 657 kHz (MW). Reception rated a (SINPO) of 33433 -- fair signal strength with clear audio when not fading (every 2 to 3 minutes).

RTM Limbang FM via Kajang is heard on Mondays from 13.00 till 13.45 UTC. News and Malay pop music with announcements relevant to Limbang have been observed. Normally Wai FM operates on this same frequency -- 11.665 kHz -- but a time slot has been allocated for Limbang FM on Monday nights, Malaysian time. Reception is quite good considering my home is approximately 35 kms from the transmitter site.

KBS World Radio via Kimjae was heard on 9.640 kHz. An English broadcast of news and Seoul Calling was monitored from 14.00 till 14.30 UTC. Reception rated a SINPO of 55545.

Athmik Yathra (AY Radio) via Trincomalee was heard on 1548 kHz (MW). Religious programming, mixed with a few regional songs, along with frequent contact details, was monitored 15.10 till 15.30 UTC.  Reception (SINPO) was 54544 -- strong and clear audio with slight and occasional fading.

Deutsche Welle in a Kiswahili broadcast of news and current event reports was monitored from 15.00 til 15.30 UTC. Reception on 15.275 kHz initially was 55545. However, approximately 20 minutes into the broadcast, fading increased and signal gradually drifted under atmospheric noise.

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