Friday, February 3, 2017

Logbook 2 February 2017

All India Radio Mumbai in Bhopal was heard just before sign-off at 17.35 UTC. News in Hindi was noted on 4.810 kHz with SINPO of 44444.

All India Radio Gangtok was observed at 16.05 UTC with talk on 4.835 kHz, rating a SINPO of 25432. With the absence of ABC Katherine on the frequency now, AIR Gangtok has a audience outsite of India.

All India Radio Thiruvananthapuram with news in English was heard at 17.30 UTC on 5.010 kHz and rated a SINPO of 35333.

All India Radio Kolkata out of Jeypore with news in English was heard at 17.30 UTC on  5.040 kHz and rated a SINPO 35343.

Voice of Indonesia Arabic language service was noted at 16.10 UTC on 9.525 kHz with SINPO of 55555.

NHK World Radio Japan with Japanese programming at 16.15 UTC was logged on 9.680 kHz, rating a SINPO of 43544.

Voice of America - Radio Sawa was observed with Arabic programming at 18.05 UTC with talk and music. Reception was noted on the medium-wave frequency of 1548 kHz with SINPO of 24331.

RTM Sarawak FM in Kajang with Malay pop songs was heard at 16.10 UTC, on 9.835 kHz, with SINPO of 44544.

Red FM (?) Kuala Lumpur on 104.9 MHz with jazz programming was noted at 18.05 UTC in a "Test Transmission" with announcements on English and Malay.

Voice of Korea in Pyongyang with revolutionary music was noted at 16.10 UTC on 9.890 kHz with a SINPO of 44544.

Puntland Radio in Puntland Somalia or Radio Dabanga in Talata-Volonodry (Madagascar) was observed with an all talk format on 13.800 kHz around 15.40 UTC. Insomuch as the SINPO was 25442, it is quite possible this was the weaker Puntand Radio.

KBS World Radio in Kimjae was heard during their "Seoul Calling" programme at 16.15 UTC. Reception rate a SINPO of 54544 on 9.640 kHz.

BBC via Kranji was heard at 15.45 UTC with sports news on 7.465 kHz. Signal rated a SINPO of 55555.

Voice of Turkey broadcast in Dari was noted at 16.20 UTC with a selection of Turkish pop songs. Reception on 9.595 kHz rated a SINPO of 44444.

Vatican Radio African Service was heard at 17.20 UTC on 11.620 kHz with a SINPO of 45554

Receiver used: Panasonic RF-B45. Antenna: 15 meter long wire aerial. RX location: Central West Malaysia

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