Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WWV (Fort Collins)

WWV, transmitting from Fort Collins, Colorado (USA), was received briefly on 27 January 2014. Time pips/pulses and voice ID was monitored from 18.34 to 18.44 UTCReception on 15 Mhz at 18.34 UTC was (SINPO) 35443 - fair signal with some atmospheric noise and fading, but audible and clear male announcer speaking in English was heard. Voice announcement from male announcer at WWV, not WWVH surprisingly, was slightly weaker than the time pips, but clearly audible from 18.34 to 18.36 UTC, after which only time pips/pulse were heard. After 18.44 UTC signal gradually disappeared. The following day neither WWV nor WWVH was observed at this time.

This is the second time in two months WWV has been received on 15 mHz. Late last year WWV was observed on 20 mHz. Transmitter output on 15 mHz is rated at 5 kW, two times the output as their transmitter on 20 mHz.

A reception report was emailed to WWV a few days later.

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