Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bible Voice Broadcasting (via Kostinbrod)

Bible Voice Broadcasting, transmitting from Kostinbrod (Sofia), Bulgaria, was received on 1 September 2013. An English language broadcast of sermon on the Holy Spirit presented  by an American female minister was monitored from 18.40 to 19.15 UTC (broadcast time 18.30 to 19.15 UTC, Sunday only). Reception on 9.635 kHz  at 18.40 UTC was (SINPO) 45544 -- good signal strength with excellent audio quality and clarity. At 18.50 UTC, reception worsened to 43433 due to DRM splatter from Radio New Zealand International -- signal was still audible, but noisy and severely degraded.

Reception report was submitted on-line and emailed the following day. Two QSLs for the same report arrived in the mail on 8 October 2013.


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