Friday, February 3, 2012

Voice of Malaysia

QSL cards with obsolete broadcast times and frequencies
Voice of Malaysia, broadcasting from its studio in Angkasapuri - Kuala Lumpur and transmitter site in Kajang,  was logged on 3 February 2012. Transmission was heard from 10.00 to 12.00 UTC on 6.050 kHz. Reception (SINPO) here in Malaysia was 55545 -- excellent reception. 

Programming (in English) consisted of the following content:
10.00 - Time signal beeps, followed by a song about Malaysia sung by female vocalist.
10.04 - Station ID for Voice of Malaysia in Angkasapuri presented by male announcer named Ray.
10.06 - Contemporary English pop songs with  IDs over music which was sung by Lady Gaga and Kim Long 
10.12 - Promotional announcement for the Leonardo da Vinci Exposition at Mines Wonderland which was presented by Ray.
10.13 - Music resumed with two songs and occasional station IDs (female announcer) over the music of  Mark Kearny and James Brown.
10.20  - Promo for the rain forests and biodiversity of Malaysia which was presented by Ray.
10.21 - Music resumed with four songs and occasional station IDs (female announcer) over the music of Nickleback, Kim Long and others.
10.36 - Islamic music leading into an Islamic programme called "Reflections" which focused on Muslim etiquette and customs as exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and observed in the Quran. This was presented by Ahmad Fizal of JAKIM.
10.44 - Female announcer, followed by promotional song about "Enchanting Malaysia".
10.52 - Contemporary English pop songs resumed
11.00 - Time signal beeps, followed by Local News read by Ray. 
11.10 - Contemporary English pop songs resumed. Two songs were heard by Kim Long and a local artiste.
11.22 - "Learn Bahasa" using the word  "Barat" or west. 
11.23 - Contemporary English pop songs resumed. Songs by Eric Cooper, Uncle Ray and others were heard.
11.37 - Promo for Malaysian theme parks with malls, etc was presented by Ray.
11.39 - Contemporary English Country & Western songs  by Dolly Parton,  Dobbie Brothers, Conway Twitty, Shana Twain,  Roger Miller and others were heard. One listener from Holland mentioned listening to VOM  over one song.
11.58 - Ray recapped songs played and stated that Bahasa Malaysia programming would resume at top of the hour.
11.59 - "This Day in History" highlighted RTM's orang Asli broadcast and Radio Asyik's programming, followed by instrumental music.
12.00 - Time signal beeps, Negaraku, then VOM English broadcast ended, followed by programming in Bahasa Malaysia.

QSL signed by DJ Ray Nagarajan and mailed to US address

For a sound file sample of programme summary CLICK this Soundcloud link.
Voice of Malaysia Souvenirs
Reception report was emailed, sent on-line and posted to RTM. I posted a self-addressed, stamped and prepared QSL one week later. An email response (see comment below) was received on 11 February from RTM Producer/Presenter, Albert Ng. On 13 February, Voice of Malaysia DJ, Ray Nagarajan, emailed (see his message below) to confirm the details of the programme logged and indicated a "Card" would be sent to me.

Two QSL cards, along with souvenirs, were received on 10 March 2012: one signed by an RTM producer and another by RTM producer/announcer, Albert Ng who personally delivered these items to me. Later in the month of March I received another QSL at my US address, signed by Ray Nagarajan. So, if you can get VOM to QSL, they will send abroad, not just to Malaysia. My self-prepared/self-stamped QSL card has not been returned to date.

Albert Ng (left) and I over brunch in my home

Radio Televisyen Malaysia
Wisma TV
Angkasapuri, 50614, Kuala Lumpur




  1. We are indeed delighted to hear from you. Trust you're having a great day.

    I see you've done a write up on our station in your blog. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We so appreciate it.

    With regard to your question on whether we verify reports for broadcasts of other RTM run stations, I'm afraid we don't. You will have to contact them individually. However, should you need our assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to write us.

    I've forwarded your email to my superior for further action. We shall be in touch, mate.

    Once again, our heartfelt thanks to you for taking the effort to write us and your blog...oh! It rocks! :- D

    Do stay tuned!

    Warmest regards
    Albert Ng (Producer/Presenter)

  2. I am truly glad and flattered with the post and comments from you. I got to know today from my colleagues there was mail posted by you.

    Sorry I didn't check my emails for the past couple of days. Thank you very much for your kind time to listen to the Voice of Malaysia.

    I will send you a card from the Voice of Malaysia posted to the
    address you have given in United States of America.

    I am truly honoured with your detailed report of my show. And thanks to Albert Ng, my colleague who replied to you on my behalf.

    Cheers Timm. Keep in touch and spread the love to everyone in USA. Will keep the party on the Voice of Malaysia. Bye for now.

    Your friend,

  3. Very cool station. Deserves to be heard