Thursday, April 24, 2014

Radio New Zealand International

Radio New Zealand International, "The Voice of the Pacific", was logged on 23 April 2014. Their Dateline Pacific programme was monitored between 18.15 to 18.50 UTC. Reports highlighted Fiji indigenous land rights and loopholes, political history and media censorship in Pacific nations, assault on asylum seekers in Manus Island and New Zealand fisheries. This was followed with news about New Zealand in English, then Samoan. A country and western tune and RNZI bellbird interval wrapped up transmission on 9.700 kHz. Reception (SINPO) at 18.15 UTC was 55454 -- excellent signal strength with minor atmospheric noise. At 18.30 UTC reception was degraded to 53453 due to station splatter from China Radio International.

Reception report was posted to RNZI, c/o Mr. Adrian Sainsbury, on the following day. One may obtain a paper QSL card for reports mailed to RNZI, together with US$2 or 2 IRCs. Emailed reports are acknowledged with an eQSL, never paper QSL. 

Postal address:
Radio New Zealand International
C/O Mr. Adrian Sainsbury
P.O. Box 123
Wellington, New Zealand



Saturday, April 19, 2014

Radio Impala (via MGLOB Talata-Volondry)

According to the website of Radio Impala, this clandestine station is the voice of freedom for the East African Community. They provide live and recorded programmes from a studio based in London, UK, seven days a week, two hours a day. Programming includes talk show debates, opinions from listeners and music. Radio Impala is funded entirely by donations and sponsorship and is staffed entirely by professional journalists.

Radio Impala via MGLOB in Talata-Volondry, Madagascar was logged on 19 April 2014. A broadcast in the East African dialect of Kinyarwanda was heard briefly from 17.50 to 17.55 UTC (broadcast time 17.00 to 17.55 UTC). A male singer with guitar was observed singing just before sign-off, without announcement of closure. Radio Impala was logged again on 20 April 2014 from 17.00 to 17.57 UTC. Station ID with commentary/interview, along with a lovely choral song which  ran for over 10 minutes was heard until sign-off.

Reception on 17.540 kHz for both days was (SINPO): 35343 - poor to fair signal strength with atmospheric noise, yet audible and discernible speech.
The following clips were recorded on 20 April 2014, first a station ID and commentary, then choral song. CLIP NO. 1 HERE. CLIP NO. 2 HERE.

Reception report was emailed and submitted on-line to Radio Impala and MGLOB.



STF Radio International 1-Hour Million-Watt Special

STF Radio International is a narrowcasting project designed to deliver specialised content to specific audiences in remote locations. And due to the nature of shortwave, STF Radio International is inviting the world to tune in.

A series of special multimedia broadcasts will explore new possibilities with aging technology. STF Radio International will air a 1-hour programme for broadcast on 20 April 2014. Depending on audience response, there may be additional programmes throughout the year.

The content of the digital modes will include ASCII art, photos, secret information, and hyperlinks to pages on the Internet, transmitted in a challenging variety of different modulator/demodulator formats.

1-Hour Million-Watt Special
Date: 20 April 2014
Time: 04.00 to 05.00 UTC
5.050 kHz (The Americas) - Saturday Night
5.110 kHz (North & Central America) - Saturday Night 
7.490 kHz (North & Central America) - Saturday Night
7.570 kHz (North America) - Saturday Night
7.730 kHz (Mexico & Central America) - Saturday Night
9.925 kHz (North & Central America) - Saturday Night
9.955 kHz (Caribbean) - Saturday Night
6.025 kHz (EU) - Sunday Morning
17.630 kHz DRM (EU, alternate programme) - Sunday Morning
17.760 kHz (Asia) - Sunday Afternoon
21.490 kHz (Pacific Aus/NZ) - Sunday Afternoon

Catch the Music, Voice, Digital Mode Text+Images, Internet Hyperlinks…and more! Happy DXing!


The "1 Hour 1 Million Watts" broadcast for STF Radio International was received on fair to excellent on two frequencies in South East Asia: 17.760 kHz and 21.490 kHz (primary frequency used). Transmission was monitored on 20 April 2014 as advertised, but with transmitter tuning beginning as early as 03.50 UTC and transmission concluding at 05.00 UTC. Transmission began with intermittent bursts of transmitter being switched off/on. This was followed at about 04.10 UTC and onward with techno music, digitised voice announcements and digital mode (facsimile) transmission.


Transmission originated presumably from Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. Reception (SINPO) on 17.760 kHz was 35443 -- fair signal strength with fading flutter, otherwise audible signal detected; (SINPO) on 21.490 kHz was 55545 -- strong signal with slight fade.

Reception report was emailed shortly after the transmission to STF Radio International.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Voice of Vietnam 1 (via DacLac)

Voice of Vietnam 1 (VOV 1), transmitting from the 20 kW site in DacLac (former South Vietnam), was logged on 18 April 2014. Vietnamese programming with news, current events, advertisements and national anthem with station ID was observed between 23.15 to 00.05 UTCReception on 7.210 kHz was (SINPO) 44544 -- good signal strength, despite persistent transmitter droning (common at DacLac transmitter site), interference from CRI and some atmospheric noise. By 00.00 UTC reception was significantly weaker at (SINPO) 34433.

Reception report was emailed to Voice of Vietnam on the following day.


Radio Taiwan International

Radio Taiwan International, transmitting from Tainan, was logged on 18 April 2014. A cooking programme and Chinese language contest in Bahasa Indonesia was monitored from  10.15 to 11.00 UTC (broadcast time 10.00 to 11.00 UTC). Chinese language broadcast followed at 11.00 UTC. Reception on 11.915 kHz was (SINPO) 54444 -- excellent signal strength despite minor station splatter and fading. Reception improved after 10.45 UTC to (SINPO) 55545.

Reception report in English was emailed and FaceBook messaged to RTI and submitted online in Indonesian at RTI website.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

53rd Anniversary of Radio Habana Cuba

Radio Habana Cuba celebrated their 53rd Anniversary on 16 April 2014. To commemorate the event RHC sent an email highlighting the occasion. It featured a photograph of Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries in 1961. A message accompanied the photo. 

Rosario Lafita Fernández, Head of Correspondence Dept., Radio Havana Cuba, wrote: "April 16th, 1961 is an extraordinarily significant date for our people. That day our Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz, proclaimed the Socialist Character of the Cuban Revolution; he also told the world about the existence of  the “Experimental Shortwave “, founded officially, on May 1st of that year, with the name of Radio Havana Cuba.
"Let’s recall his words: '...Do they believe they’ll be able to hide it from the world?...Cuba already has a radio station, that is broadcasting for the entire Latin America; countless brothers in Latin America and throughout the world are listening to it.'

"That fire baptism has been a source of inspiration in these 53 years. Thanks
for the valuable collaboration you send to us."

Happy Anniversary Radio Habana Cuba!

Radio Hilaac (via TDF Issoudun)

Radio Hilaac (Hilaac Horyaal), a clandestine station broadcasting from Télédiffusion de France (TDF) relay facility in Issoudun,  was logged on 17 April 2014. A broadcast in Somali featuring discussions on Somaliland, recitation of the Quran and Horn of Africa music was observed from 17.00 to 17.30 UTCReception on 15.180 kHz (SINPO) was 45554 -- good signal strength, clear and stable.

Reception report was emailed shortly after transmission ended. This eQSL from TDF was received within a few hours on 18 April 2014. 

Télédiffusion de France Website: 

Radio Hilaac Website: