Saturday, March 17, 2018

Logbook from 23 February till 18 March 2018

Radio Guinee  (Radio Télévision Guinéenne -RTG) in Conakry (West Africa) was observed on 17 March 2018.  A selection of Guinean songs, moderated by a male DJ with IDs was heard from  20.20 until 20.35 UTC. Reception on the shortwave frequency of 9.650 kHz rated a SINPO of 34322 -- fair signal, sometimes clear, despite fading under atmospheric noise. By 21:00 UTC, the signal was gone.
HERE is Radio Guinee. 

Helliniki Radiophonia (Voice of Greece) was heard on 14 March 2018, from 20.50 till 21.25 UTC. Greek music and a dialogue/interview was noted during this time. Reception on the short-wave frequency of 9.420 kHz rated a SINPO of 35323 -- fair signal, no interference, only occasional fading. HERE is Helliniki Radiophonia

Radyo Dengê Welat (formerly Radyo Denge Kurdistan) via Pridnestrovskiy Radioteletsentr, located in Grigoriopol, Transnistria, Moldova, was logged on  12 March 2018, from 13.40 until 14.05 UTC. Reception on the short-wave frequency of 11.530 kHz rated a SINP0 of 54544 -- good signal strength, clear audio, initially some co-frequency interference and slight fading. Kurdish programming with patriotic rhetoric, news and Kurdish music was observed during this time period.  Radyo Dengê Welat  has been heard as well from the Telediffusion de France facility in Issoudun on 9.525 kHz, from 17.30 till 18.05 UTC.  SINP0 rated 45544 -- good signal strength, clear audio, no interference. HERE is an audio excerpt from this broadcast.

Voice of Mongolia in Ulaanbaator was received on 13 March 2018, from 09.15 till 09.30 UTC. An English language broadcast was monitored during this period and consisted of mostly talk about cancer treatment in Mongolia and Mongolian pop songs. Reception on 12.085 kHz  was fair, except for slight fading, earning a SINPO rating of 45444. HERE is VOM.

Myanma Radio was received on the medium-wave frequency of 590 kHz, rather than the usual 594 kHz. This occurred only once during the week -- 8 March 2018. A selection of Myanmar pop songs, moderated by a female announcer, was observed from 14.55 till 16.00 UTC, then English language programming with Western pop songs till 17.00 UTC. Reception on 590 kHz (MW) rated a SINP0 of 45433 -- good signal strength when not fading, clear frequency with no co-frequency interference unlike when they operate on 594 kHz. HERE is Myanma Radio.

Radio Sonder Grense from the SENTEC in Meyerton, South Africa was heard on 17 March 2018, from 16.25 till 17.00 UTC. Reception on the short-wave frequency of 9.650 kHz rated a SINPO of 33423 - signal was good to poor depending on duration of fading. Reception began to deteriorate after 16.50 UTC. Several contemporary English pop songs, R&B and hip-hop songs were heard and moderated by a female DJ speaking both English and Afrikaans.

Radio Thailand
via Songkhla Province was heard on the medium-wave frequency of 1404 kHz rated a SINPO of 23422 -- poor to fair signal strength depending on duration of fading, some transmitter noise, co-frequency interference from presumably Kong Thap Phak Thi Nueng. Thai music with station IDs/advertisement in Thai was observed from 14.30 till 15.05 UTC, on 23 February 2018.

Voice of Turkey in Emirler was logged on 16 March 2018. English language broadcast featuring news about Turkey an dthe region, as well as the programmes "Review of the Turkish Press", "Eye on Turkey", "Turkey in a Nutshell", "Letterbox Programme", "Question of the Month" and Turkish pop music was heard 17.30 till 18.20 UTC. Reception on 11.730 kHz initially rated a SINP0 of 55444 -- excellent signal strength, clear audio despite some atmospheric noise and slight fluttering fade. Around 18.00 UTC, reception stabalised and rated a SINPO of 55555 - Excellent!

RX: Tecsun S-2000 (SW); Sangean ATS-009 (MW) ANT: 1/4 wave aerial (SW); ferrite rod and loop (MW) QTH: central Malaysia

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