Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Two Global 24 Radio QSLs Courtesy of WRMI

It took a while, but WRMI came through for Global 24 Radio...er...well...at least two for three QSLs anyway. Would love to have received the much promised Global 24 Radio QSL commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall, or for that matter any Global 24 Radio QSL. Thankfully Jeff White came through with QSLs for reception reports dated 6 November* and 19 November 2014. I can excuse the third verification, since the reception report was submitted  for a transmission that originated from Kostinbrod, not Okeechobee.

What about Global 24 Radio? I read the other day they were back on air. I hope so. I rather enjoyed their programming, despite never receiving their QSL. Hopefully better days are ahead for them. Meanwhile, thank you very much for these QSLS, Jeff White at WRMI!

*NOTE: 6 November 2014 transmission was logged via the Netherlands (Twente); 19 November 2014 transmission was logged from Malaysia.

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