Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Armenian National Radio (via Yerevan)

Armenian National Radio, transmitting from Yerevan (Armenia), was logged on 21 July 2015. Commentary from a male announcer speaking in Arabic and a lengthy classical or solemn patriotic song was observed from 19.15 till 19.30 UTC (broadcast time 19.00 till 19.30 UTC). Reception on 4.810 kHz (SINPO): 34343 -- weak to fair signal with atmospheric noise, otherwise audible and occasionally discernible content.

Reception report was emailed the following day. although I am skeptical a  reply will be forthcoming. This station has been logged and contacted in previous years, and always with no response. I expect no less this time around. I may attempt to contact by mail

Postal address:
Public Radio of Armenia
Alex Manoocian 5
Yerevan 25,
Republic of Armenia

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  1. I got reply in 2002 I haven't tried in recent years.